About LMS Travel

LMS Travel were founded in 1992 in the city of Worcester, in the West Midlands. Founded to provide the men and women of Britain with affordable, reliable, and luxurious coach travel, LMS Travel have strove to provide exactly that for the past 23 years.

We offer personalised travel management services, for a multitude of occasions. Be it corporate functions to fun days (and nights) out, we have seen and done it all in our lifetime. And thanks to innumerable airport drop offs, hen parties, and even full blown wedding ceremonies, our highly trained, specialised team have had a lot of experiences to build on.

So why choose LMS Travel? Simply put, we have an unbeatable combination of top notch coaches, minibuses & luxury cars, high standards across everything we do, and a knowledgeable, friendly staff. We can be your one stop place for travel management solutions.

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LMS Travel have buses on route around the areas of Worcester, Malvern, Droitwich, Chawson, Tibberton and more.